Dryers - Vented or Condenser

Vented or condenser dryers are almost a necessity with our lives being ever so busy and amount of laundry we do.

Most condenser models have sensor control drying which means they can detect the dampness of your clothes and ensure the cycle is being run for as long as it really needed. That's great news because the one thing they won't dry is your "pocket". In addition they have great feature such as level of dryness at end of the cycle. So, if you choose iron ready your clothes will be dry enough to take them out but with the right amount of damp for best ironing.

Whether you need to buy a freestanding vented dryer or purchase a built-in condenser dryer you have a wide selection to choose from and as you may already found out we'll dispose of your old dryer.

Integrated Dryers - Vented or Condenser
Fit under worktop but designed so that a furniture door hides the appliance
Free Standing Dryers - Vented or Condenser
Fit under worktops and the front is visible