Well, this is one of the sections which has such a variety of sizes, types, colours that no other section offers.

You may need to purchase a new fridge freezer which as its name suggest has both fridge and freezer section. However, if you are after a new under counter fridge you may want to have an ice box, just in case you want to keep your ice cream. Or you may need to buy a new under counter freezer.

For large families larder fridge or freezer would be the option, as long as you have enough room for both. No matter what refrigeration appliance you are shopping for, there is range of colours and sizes to suit you and also quite a few models are completely frost free - meaning you don't have to manually defrost you fridge every-so-often.

Confused? If you need help simply call us and we'll help you choose.

Integrated Refrigeration
Designed to have a furniture door fitted on them
Free Standing Refrigeration
Front is visible and not designed to have furniture doors attached.