Washer Dryers

"Two in a room for one!" Isn't that great?

Washer dryers have a combined washing machine and dryer in same cabinet as either washer or dryer appliance. Not only do you save space but also some cash as well. Newer washer dryers come with staggering 4 or 5 kg drying capacity which is as much as a 10 year old average dryer would have. You also have the option to wash and dry a load without having to do anything but load the appliance and take your dried clothes from it virtually ready for wearing.

We hope you would find our left side navigation/filter helpful enough for you to choose the right washer dryer to suit your needs. Don't forget we'll deliver, disconnect your old washer dryer, install the new one and dispose of the old appliance and any packaging for you.

So simply make you pick and buy with confidence on-line or for any other inquiries simply call us on 020 8540 7711.

Integrated Washer Dryers
Fit under worktop but designed so that a furniture door hides the appliance
Free Standing Washer Dryers
Fit under worktops and the front is visible