Indesit BIWDIL75125UKN Washer Dryer Integrated

Indesit BIWDIL75125UKN Washer Dryer Integrated

Having 16 programs this Indesit BIWDIL75125UKN Washer Dryer Integrated has a lot to offer to make your life easier and safe you space with no need for a separate dryer.

It features 7 kg wash load and 5 kg drying capapcity which again help you do a lot of laundry at onces. This Indesit BIWDIL75125UKN Washer Dryer Integrated is available to purchase with bespoke installation, including the fitting of the furniture door, and removal and friendly recycling of your old washer dryer.


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No of Programs: 16
Wash Load(kg): 7
Drying Capacity(kg): 5
Spin Speed(rpm): 1200
Energy Rating: F
Wash Performance: A
Child Lock: No
LED Display: Yes
Variable Spin: Yes
Energy Consumption(kWh): 1134
Depth(mm): 5450
Width(mm): 5950
Height(mm): 8200
Warranty: 1

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Installation Installation £18.00
Disposal Disposal £12.00
Built-in Built-in £45.00
Delivery Delivery £6.00
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Energy Rating F An alphabetical classification going from A+++ to G - An A+++ Grade Energy Efficient machine will save you money by using less electricity and water
No of Programs 16 The number of programmes will vary according to the sophistication of the machine, but broadly they will break down into varying degree's of temperature washes
Wash Performance A An alphabetical classification going from "A" to "G" ' - An "A- Grade" is awarded to machines which give the best wash results and prove to be the most efficient at removing stubborn stains
Drying Capacity 5 The greater the capacity the more tumble drying you can do at any one time.
Wash Load 7 Large wash load machines are useful for washing bulky items like duvets or bath towels but washing smaller loads in a large drum will reduce creasing and make ironing easier, for a 60 degree cotton cycle
Spin Speed 1200 Max spin speed (rpm) for a 60 degree cotton cycle - the higher a washing machine's spin speed the more water is extracted from your wash, a faster spin speeds mean less drying time
Energy Consumption 1134 This indicates the power or electrical consumption of the appliance. The lower the figure the less electricity it uses
Variable Spin yes Variable spin speed is particularly useful if your wash regularly includes delicate items as this feature allows you to select a lower spin speed to better protect your garments
LED Display yes
Child Lock no Enables you to lock the function buttons so that running programs can not be interupt by children.
Height 8200
Width 5950
Depth 5450
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