Complete Service

At Domex Appliance Store we deliver a Complete Service - hassle free! What does that include then?

Well, all this:

  • delivery of your new appliance (even if there is no lift)
  • disconnection of your appliance*
  • installation of your new product*
  • disposal of all packaging
  • eco recycling of the old appliance
  • fitting of wooden furniture panels (built-in appliances only)
  • functional test of your appliance
  • answer any questions you may have about your new product

So, all you have to do is, to choose the right product for you and we'll do the rest. It's that simple... oh and pay for it of course!

* Water taps must be accessible and operational - let's not forget we are appliance installers, not plumbers or kitchen fitters, we'll try our hardest though!

  • Affordable repair service
  • Caple domestic appliances
  • BEKO domestic appliances