Dishwashers Buying Guide

Dishwashers like other kitchen appliances have such advanced features and specifications which make them more energy efferent and user friendly. So making the right choice is only possible by considering few basic rules:

  • Size – everyone knows that but again, have you got space for full size or slim line? Is the width of the space 60 cm or 45cm?
  • Fit type – when you shut the door of the appliance can you see it’s front or not? If yes, you need a free standing dishwasher else you’ll have to buy a built-in dishwasher (when door closed all you see is the furniture door which matches the rest of your kitchen).
  • Variety of programs – do you happen to use various loads? If so, look for one with more programs such as one for crystals or delicate plates or special guest program which only gets rid of any dust from plates otherwise clean, baby cycle or even self care program
  • Energy Efficiency – although most dishwashers are now A rated, quite a few model have A+ and higher. Still check the energy consumption which would give you a better idea of the energy usage per cycle ( if available)
  • Noise level – generally anything lower than 50 db is rather quiet operating noise. Remember that normal conversation is around 60-70 db.
  • Place Settings – although this is determined by the size i.e. full size would normally be 12 and slim line dishwasher would be 9 place settings. Some manufacturers though have used the space so well that they offer 13 or 14 place settings for the full size and 10 for slim line.
  • Colour – well they come in so many colours now that could really match and even enhance the look of your kitchen.

These of course are the basic things to have in mind when looking to buy a new dishwasher but if you needed any specific information why not email us on and we’ll be happy to assist in making your choice.

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