Hobs buying Guide

Buying the right hob is very important as if any these are the most usable cooking appliances in our kitchens. Use the below tips and guidelines when making your pick.

  • Type - there few different types of hobs as follows:
  1. Gas – has gas burners and enables you to have more control over the heat level of each burner
  2. Solid hotplates – sealed solid electric hotplates. Usually have 4 level heat control over each hotplate
  3. Ceramic – has ceramic hotplates covered with tempered and heat resistant glass surface which is very easy to clean and looks quite neat as well. Most ceramic hotplates are controlled with an energy regulator for various heat level but not as efficient as the gas.
  4. Induction – uses microwaves and requires special utensils/pans to ensure heat is being “inducted” through the pan. Rule of thumb is, if a magnet sticks to the pan is suitable for induction cooking but it is advisable to use induction ready pans for best cooking results. Induction hobs are the most efficient types of hob with virtually no heat loss. They also come with glass surface and quite often with a touch control which makes them look rather sleek.
  5. Gas-on-glass - as the name suggests it it’s a gas hob with glass surface.
  6. Warming plates – a slow heat large surface plate which keeps your cooked meal warm until it’s time to serve it.
  • Controls – these could be knobs, or touch control for nicer look
  • FSD – gas hobs only which stands for Flame Safety Device which cuts the gas supply to the burner if the flame goes out. By law in multiple dwelling properties there is a requirement for any gas burner to have FSD.

All hobs are available with complete installation as well so whichever type you wish we’ll be able to install it. However, we only install to existing gas/electric supply. So if you are looking to buy a new hob simply browse and buy on-line today.

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