Ovens buying guide

When you are looking to buy a new oven you may want to consider the following features so that you make the right choice and purchase an oven which will suite your needs best.

  • Type - ovens could be the following types
  1. Fan assisted - has a fan which enables hot air circulation for optimal and even cooking result
  2. Conventional - static top and bottom heaters which could be used together or individually i.e. grill or base heating
  3. Pyrolytic - has a feature of self-cleaning (pyrolytic cleaning) so you don't have to scrub it yourself
  4. Steam - cooks with steam, one of the healthiest options
  5. Combi-microwave - combines ordinary electric oven with microwave
  • Functions - this is pretty much being determined by the above feature. In other words you can’t expect conventional oven to work as fan assisted one. So the more function you have the more cooking options. So you can have fan assisted only or with top or bottom heat as well. Conventional cooking, dough rising options, defrosting options, grill only option and so on.
  • Timer – timer is a very useful feature which could be as a mechanical/audible one or electronic one which you can set to remind you or turn the oven off after certain time.
  • Cooling fan – cooling fan blows air just above the door and under the controls redirecting the hot air which escapes from the door away from the controls and enables the appliance to cool down quicker
  • Removable door – most oven has this feature which enables you to clean the door at any time
  • Size and cavities – very obvious one, all you need to ensure size is ok and if it is a double or single, and if double, whether it is suitable for under counter

There is always more detail if you really need to drill down to the last feature but the above would be more than enough for you to make an informative decision when buying a new oven. However, if you need more help simply call our team on 020 8540 7711 for more assistance.

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