Built-in Specialists

We know how difficult it is to find a complete service - regardless of the industry. Well, that's why we are here. If you have a built-in kitchen appliance which is "on the blink" and would like to replace it (like-for-like) look no further. Unlike most major retailers our installers are trained and skilled to disconnect and install integrated appliances so you don't have to organise one company to deliver the product, then someone else to install it and finally your kitchen fitter to fit the door at the end. All you need to do is to simply select built-in installation option when purchasing your product and we'll fit the wooden furniture door onto your new appliance.

Remember your new product must be like-for-like in order that we are successful. For example, if you have a built in fridge freezer 70/30 split and you'd like to replace it with 50/50 split, well that won't work, unless of course you provide us with new kitchen panels designed for that split. Or if you have a semi-integrated dishwasher (control panel not covered by the wooden door) and purchase a fully integrated one, again we are not a kitchen company, but if you had a brand new wooden panel we'll fit it for you.

Finally, no one is perfect, so if we can't fit your wooden door(s), not only will you get a refund for the built-in charge, but we'll explain to you the reason and we'll try to help you resolve it.

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