Washing Machine Selection Guide

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a new washing machine which is always good to consider all options. Despite some features may seem pretty useless at first, they may come quite handy in our busy lives and more importantly save us money.

Here are few things you may wish to consider:

  • Wash capacity – obviously the bigger the load the more washing you can get done within the same time frame. But don’t forget that if you run relatively small household (2-3 members) you may not need 8kg + capacity and be perfectly fine with washing machine which has 5.5-7kg capacity
  • Energy Rating – more or less all appliances are rated “A” class with some going to “A+++”so ensure you’ve worked out the savings you may do against the difference of the purchase price between your options
  • Spin Speed – the higher the spin the dryer the clothes at the end of the cycle. However, you may not notice a big difference between 1200 rpm and 1400 rpm but certainly you will if you compare 1000 rpm with 1600 rpm. Don’t forget the higher the spin the higher energy consumed from the motor but less drying time in the tumble dryer. So, you see things do swing around as there is always a balance. But if you haven’t got a space for a dryer and don’t feel paying extra for a washer dryer, then you should think of getting a washing machine with 1400+ spin speed.
  • Number of Programs – this is very much down to a personal level although variety of programs as well as presence of short/quick cycles is always a good think. Also, nowadays we wear a set of clothes sometimes for less than few hours so they hardly get dirty and therefore may not need 2 hour cycle!
  • Noise Level – with contemporary living offering open space kitchen/diner/living room you may want to get a quieter washing machine so that even when on spin the noise is still within a reasonable limits.
  • Wash performance – highest being “A” you’ll probably find most appliances having this class rating but still good to keep it in mind.
  • Fit type – Built-in/Integrated washing machine or freestanding washing machine, it depends on which one is your existing one. If there is a furniture door which is attached to your washing machine and when shut looks like the rest of your kitchen cabinets then you need another integrated washer. Otherwise, if you can see the front of your washing machine you have a freestanding one. Beware that you can’t replace integrated washing machine with a free standing one without making alteration to your kitchen
  • Services available - washing machines require installation which must be done in accordance to the manufacturers' installation instructions. Not only could a faulty installation make the washing machine unusable but it could also invalidate your warranty. This is why it's important to get it done properly. Also, disposing of your old washing machine could be a nightmare especially if you live in a multiple dwelling property. For built-in products you would need the furniture door attached to the new washing machine. All these services are indeed available at DOMEX® and we offer as a peace of mind.

Of course this are only the basics which you need to have in mind when shopping for a new washing machine, which is more than enough to make a informed decision when shopping for a new washing machine. So, feel free to browse and order on-line or if you feel you need to ask us a question simply drop us a line customer.services@domexappliancestore.co.uk

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