» How accurate is the product information?

Well, we endeavour to provide correct and up-to-date product information. However, as we rely on manufacturers to provide that information we have no control over it.

» Why I can't find a product that you sell on manufacturer's website? Is the product discontinued?

Manufacturers may not list all of their products on their websites as well as the product in question may be at the end of its marketing life. In other words, products are being or going to be replaced by newer models in short while.

» Can you supply an appliance which you don't have listed on your site?

We only sale certain brands of appliances and models. If we don't have it listed most probably we can't supply it. However, if you'd like to source it elsewhere we can install it for you. Simply call us for details

» Can you supply me an user manual as I have misplaced mine?

Usually you should be able to find a user manual for your product on the web site of the manufacturer of your appliance. If you struggle simply email or call us and we'll try to help you.