Indesit IDS105 Dishwasher Slimline (45cm) Freestanding

Indesit IDS105 Dishwasher Slimline (45cm) Freestanding

We offer this Indesit IDS105 Dishwasher Slimline (45cm) Freestanding for home delivery and full installation and disposal of your old dishwasher plus our delivery team will recycle any packaging free of charge.  

It has 5 programs and 10 place settings and is A energy rated and has A wash performance rating.

Order your Indesit IDS105 Dishwasher Slimline (45cm) Freestanding for home delivery and hassle free installation today!


This Dishwasher Slimline (45cm) Freestanding 3-5 days delivery
Energy Rating: A
No of Programs: 5
Number of Place Settings: 10
Wash Performance: A
Colour: White
Warranty: 1 year

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Installation Installation £18.00
Disposal Disposal £12.00
Delivery Delivery £6.00
Price: £229 add to basket
Energy Rating A An alphabetical classification going from A+++ to G - An A+++ Grade Energy Efficient machine will save you money by using less electricity and water
No of Programs 5 The number of programmes will vary according to the sophistication of the machine, but broadly they will break down into varying degree's of temperature washes
Wash Performance A An alphabetical classification going from "A" to "G" ' - An "A- Grade" is awarded to machines which give the best wash results and prove to be the most efficient at removing stubborn stains
Colour White
Dry Performance A An alphabetical classification going from "A" to "G" - 'A-Grade' drying performance dishwashers dry your dishes at the end of the wash programme better than any other
Number of Place Settings 10 To match the needs of your family. One place setting comprises of a soup bowl, dinner plate, side plate, cup, saucer, glass, 5 cutlery pieces and additional serving utensils
Number of Wash Temperatures 2 Designed for all your washing needs. Lower temperatures are more economical and save you money, whilst higher temperatures clean even the dirtiest of pots
Noise Level 53 Shows the noise level of the product in dB.
Energy Consumption 1.02 This indicates the power or electrical consumption of the appliance. The lower the figure the less electricity it uses
Overflow Protection yes Equipped to protect you against leaks
Time Delay no A programmable feature which allows the washing machine cycle to start at a point in the future determined by the user, ideal for over night cycles at low energy rate
Water Consumption 10 The consumption of water per cycle in litres.
Cutlery Basket yes Designed to safely store all your cutlery. Can be removed from the lower basket to make more space for large pots and pans
Rinse Aid Indicator yes Lets you know when to refill the dishwasher with rinse aid
Salt Indicator yes Automatic reminder to add salt - aids in softening the water
Height Adjustable Top Basket yes In models with the cutlery tray it is height adjustable to allow you to make best use of the space
Adjustable Racking no Allows for larger items like pots and pans to be accommodated and thoroughly cleaned
Height 850
Width 450
Depth 600
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