Dishwashers come in in two standardised sizes: Full Size and Slim line, as we call them, with a width of 60cm and 45 cm respectively. They of course could be either freestanding (front visible) or built-in (furniture door coves the front).

Dishwashers have come a long way in terms of energy efficiency and wash performance. Some models detect how dirty the water is and that's who they decide how long more to wash. They have been improved on the level of noise they make which comes in very handy in open-plan kitchen/diner.

So, to choose the right one for you simply filter down to your preferred specs and we'll do the rest! Yes, unlike some retailers we'll install your new dishwasher regardless of the fact that you haven't disconnected the old one. Our installers will fit the kitchen furniture door as well so you don't have to call a carpenter for that. See, hassle free service!

Integrated Dishwashers
Fit under worktops but a furniture door must be fitted to the appliance door
Free Standing Dishwashers
Fit under worktops and the front is visible