Whirlpool ARG646A+ Integrated Refrigerator

Whirlpool ARG646A+ Integrated Refrigerator

With A+ energy rating and 111 fridge capcity this Whirlpool ARG646A+ Integrated Refrigerator certainly deserves a second thought.

This Whirlpool ARG646A+ comes with reversable door and is available for home delivery and complete installation including the fitting of the furniture door. Also, you can have your old refrigerator and any packaging recycled as well.

Whirlpool ARG646A+ Integrated Refrigerator carries  1 Year warranty for complete peace of mind. So order your Whirlpool ARG646A+ Integrated Refrigerator for home delivery and installation today! 

This Integrated Refrigerator 3-5 days delivery
Energy Rating: A+
Freezer Capacity(Litres): 17
Fridge Capacity(Litres): 111
Freezer Star Rating(stars): 4
Noise Level(dB): 41
Energy Consumption(kWh): 0.5
Egg Tray: Yes
Open Door Allert: No
Depth(mm): 550
Width(mm): 590
Height(mm): 830
Warranty: 1 Year

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Installation Installation £12.00
Disposal Disposal £20.00
Built-in Built-in £45.00
Delivery Delivery £6.00
Price: £250 add to basket
Energy Rating A+ An alphabetical classification going from A+++ to G - An A+++ Grade Energy Efficient machine will save you money by using less electricity and water
Freezer Capacity 17 The total internal storage capacity of the Freezer
Fridge Capacity 111 The total internal storage capacity of the fridge
Freezer Star Rating 4 A number classification going from 1 to 4 Stars as per table: **** -18C or colder Can freeze fresh food, and store food for three to 12 months *** -18C Stores pre-frozen food for 3 to 12 months ** -12C Stores pre-frozen food for up to a month* -6C Stores pre-frozen food for up to a week
Noise Level 41 Shows the noise level of the product in dB.
Energy Consumption 0.5 This indicates the power or electrical consumption of the appliance. The lower the figure the less electricity it uses
Open Door Allert no Appliance makes an audable noise to remind you if any of its doors are open.
Egg Tray yes Dedicated tray for safe storing eggs
Height 830
Width 590
Depth 550
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