Washing Machines

You'll be surprised what a washing machine could do these days! "Singing and dancing" you would say!?! Nearly, but mainly quite a few washing machine models come with handy short "daily programs" or sports programs and out of balance control and child lock feature preventing our dear ones from “DJing” with the appliance.

New washing machines are now much more energy efficient than their predecessors and use significantly less water without of course compromising the wash performance. There are also much quieter than what we are used to. So if you are fed up with your old washing machine why not start saving yourself money by replacing it with a more eco-friendly one. Simply browse our web shop and if you have any questions about any of the products simply give us a call on 020 8540 7711.

Integrated Washing Machines
Fit under worktop but designed so that a furniture door hides the appliance
Free Standing Washing Machines
Fit under worktops and the front is visible