Cookers Buying Guide

Buying a new cooker is always exiting especially for those of us enjoying cooking but we need to make sure we buy the right one so that we can bake those lovely cakes or simply make a good Sunday Roast. So what would be useful to know when you are shopping for a new cooker?

  • Energy Rating – cookers are energy hungry appliances and therefore it’s very difficult to achieve A rating which is why only few offer A class.
  • Fuel Type – is it electric or gas or duel fuel (gas and electric) – this is dependent on your circumstances i.e. whether you have gas supply to your home or not and if there are already provisions for gas or electric cooker.
  • Flame Failure device - most by law should come equipped with one on each burner which basically cuts gas supply in case the flame goes off.
  • Number of cavities (ovens) – do you need 2 cavities or 1 is enough. Remember having two makes it easier cooking for larger families or big number of guests
  • Number of functions – electric cookers come with various settings such as fan assisted (heat from one central heater), fan with lower heater (ideal for pizzas or cakes), fan with upper heater (great for roasting for the nice crispy cover), conventional (no fan circulation), grill only etc.
  • Hob type – these could be solid plates (electric) which have 4 level of heating and come at very good price. Ceramic - great for maintaining and cleaning but make sure you don’t drop a pan. Gas ones would be cheaper to run and rather well to control the level of heat but difficult to clean.

The above are just the basic things to have in mind when you are browsing and looking to buy a new cooker but if you have a question why not call us on 020 8540 7711 and we’ll be happy to help.

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